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Types of Sigma Blades

Optimum Agitator Design

All agitators are available in carbon steel and stainless steel construction.When the process requires additional heating or cooling special agitators with grooved cored centres are available. Our kneaders are available for both Overlapping and Tangential applications.


Sigma Blade Agitator

This design is best suited for all round use. This may be positioned with either tangential or overlapping action.


Dispersion Blade Agitator

This agitator is employed for product which requires less shear force and provides a smooth folding action and is excellent for mixing a fiber reinforced product. Available in 135 and 180 degree spiral.


Masticator Blade

Used for a superior dispersion of products difficult to mix such as rubber, plastics or abrasive materials.


Double Naben Blade Agitator

Naben Blade - Also known as the Fishtail Blade. Suitable for mixing cellulose materials and highly viscous products such as gum.


180 Degree Spiral Blade Agitator

This agitator requires less power than sigma blade and it is used for sanitary applications.